Carter Brady is a NY-based musician and singer songwriter whose love of performing is relentless. There is just something about his musicianship & ability to take any kind of music & naturally be able to do something unique with it.


Having been fortunate enough to have recorded with & performed in over 10 different bands & ensembles over the past decade, he has managed to find success in the indie music world. His new indie rock single "Chasing Vampires" released December 18th has potential to be a big hit, and is the foreshadow of an upcoming indie rock album he will be releasing this summer. One of Carter's high school alt-rock groups released a self-titled EP, The Waves EP, in Spring 2016, which received great feedback, including numerous “Top New Music” accolades from the blogosphere. He has since formed, recorded, & performed live in various bands in college like rock group Duck Pond & acoustic rock project The Two Guys Neighborhood. He has been widely known for his versatility in a wide variety of instruments & styles, ranging from all forms of rock, blues, jazz, & recently LoFi with his new side project North Village.


Carter has received positive feedback from artists like William Goldsmith of Foo Fighters & Sunny Day Real Estate, Joey Pecoraro & Quinn Sullivan, & has worked with some of the best musicians & artists in music, ranging from a long list of names such as Mark White of Spin Doctors, Antonio Ciacca, Steve Watson, Peter Press, Mark Saunders, Mark Sidgwick, Richie Scarlet, & many others.


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