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Chasing Vampires is a modern indie rock song that is the most recent single from Carter Brady's music discography. Aside from the catchy and unique song title, it is really a song about two lovers that cannot be together for whatever reason and some unknown figure is there to help them figure things out. 

Behind the Song:

"You probably will laugh and not take me seriously, but believe it or not this song, mostly the lyrics, came about after I had watched an episode of Star Wars. I am a huge Star Wars fan, and it takes a story from Star Wars based on two lovers who can't be together because of the way things are, but someone helps them settle their past differences and mends their relationship. 

I think that my new single, “Chasing Vampires,” has a certain style that captures listeners who want to listen again. While the sound and style is hard to pinpoint, I think that it has a steady drum groove, a good mixture of vintage classic rock, 90’s alternative, and a more modern polished sound. I think that people will appreciate all of the layers I did for the vocal harmonies and guitars, especially the little lead guitar riffs, fills and solos I did to compliment the chord progressions. What excites me the most is that even after listening to it hundreds of times while recording it, mixing and mastering it, and just fine tuning it, I still enjoy listening to it the same and find myself and others getting it stuck in their heads. I think that to an extent proves that a song is catchy and has potential to impact people in a positive way when it has the ability to do that."

-Carter Brady

Reviews and Feedback:

"The great gripping energy of the guitar coupled with the subdued but hooking flow of the vocals made for a really enjoyable listen..."

"'Vampires' is a cool one - getting a Strokes-y vibe on this one."

"Bright, upbeat and catchy slice of indie pop;
smooth vocals purr with heart above a smiley
melody and jaunty groove and adorned with hooks
you could hang your hat on."

"I like it!"

-Joey Pecoraro

"Very impressive - extremely well-crafted arrangements."

-William Goldsmith, former drummer of Foo Fighters and drummer for Sunny Day Real Estate, The Fire Theft, and his newest band Assertion

"The sound of your production is clear and tight - superb effort! great job on the mixing part as well, you can feel every little detail."

-Digster Romania

"Wow, that is almost 'Beatlesesk,' great melody, great mixing and mastering, very well done."

-​Shellshocked Radio of Radio Dark Tunnel

"The song has a nice mix of something almost midwest emo and modern pop punk as well as Foo Fighters."

-Samuel Järvinen of Kaaoszine

"Really like the upbeat, lively mood this gives off. The track fuses alt-rock and pop rock textures that make for an engaging sonic character. Like the melodic, easygoing progression on this tune. Clearly you have a flair for such a style. Recalls the likes of Turnover, Soccer Mommy, boy pablo, Rex Orange County, etc."


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